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 Thirty-Third District PTA

California State PTA


Our mandatory Unit President "UPs" Meetings will take place once per month, typically on the second Tuesday (see calendar for specific dates).

(Area advisors are available at 9am if you need one on one time)

Unit President Meetings 

9:30a - 11:00a

Head Start Auditorium
1260 E. 33rd Street
Signal Hill, CA 90755
(405 fwy @ Orange Avenue offramp)

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    When are taxes and audits due?

    There have been a number of changes this year in regards to taxes, so even if you are not a first time president, you may find yourself confused.  Unfortunately, you can't just rely on how your PTA has always done the taxes - the Franchise Tax Board is changing the rules for us, and we must comply.

    TAXES:  Your taxes should have been filed on or before July 15, 2011.  This includes both FEDERAL and STATE taxes!  State tax filing is a NEW requirement.  If you have not filed with the State and Federal tax agencies, you are at risk of losing your good standing with the PTA and also your non-profit status with the IRS. This is vitally important.  You must turn copies of your tax returns to LBCPTA a.s.a.p., or copies of extensions that you have filed.

    AUDITS:  All units & councils in 33rd District have the same fiscal year (March 1st thru February 28th).  So all their taxes and annual reports should be based on that term.  The only difference is with audits:

    *  a traditional school year has 3 audits usually 3/1-6/30; 7/1-12/31; and 1/1-2/28.  Some schools opt to do 7/1-11/30, then 12/1-2/28.

    *  a year-round school has only 2 audits a year, usually 3/1-8/30 and 9/1-2/28.

    If an Executive Board Member disagrees with a Board decision, are they allowed to speak against it at the Association meeting?
    When an item is brought before the Board, the Board talks it out.  It is fine DURING this meeting to disagree and to have opposing ideas - You should all be saying how you feel and discussing it.  THEN the Board takes the vote.  Whatever the outcome - that is the BOARD DECISION.  You present a united front.  It is not appropriate for a member of the Board to say: "It was 6 to 5 - it barely passed you know!"  You just say:" It is the Board's Recommendation that we..."
    Now.  Once that is brought to the Association for a vote, the Board Members can vote any way they want.  They can also voice their oppinion about the motion... HOWEVER... They should not be talking about who said what during the Executive Board meeting since those meetings are confidential.
    In other words...
    This member with the opposing view...  When the Secretary reads the recommendation from the Board and the President asks for discussion, this member:
    * has the right to get up and say something like: "I feel that this is too much money to spend on meals and that it is not what we should be using our money for." 
    * does not have the right to say: "Well, in the Executive Board meeting I said we shouldn't do this and then Mary said that we have always done it this way, but I think that it's just because Mary and Ellen are always wanting to spend money and they don't care what anyone says.  Bob also thought it was wrong but he just voted for it because he'll vote however Mary does.  The WHOLE Board didn't even want this!"
    But... that being said... this whole 'confidential Board meetings' concept is something that needs to be talked about from day one... bringing it up now will probably just sound like you are trying to hide something.
    I would however, limit how long each person can talk (for or against) to one min.  Other wise an opponent to a recommendation can go on and on and on...


    Why do we need to bind our meeting minutes and what is the proper way to bind them?  Your association meeting and board meeting minutes are official, legally binding documents and therefore must be considered very important to preserve in their original state.  To guarantee the accuracy (and no tampering with) your official minutes, they must be bound in a book.  The proper ways to bind them is either glued into a ledger (preferably an official PTA secretary's book which you can order from the PTA store) or heat bound.  A three ring binder or spiral binder is not acceptable according to CAPTA as pages can be too easily removed.

    Can we email or post our meeting minutes on line for people who missed the meeting?  CAPTA states very clearly that you SHOULD NOT post your minutes on line or send via email.  Your association meeting minutes are private and only for the eyes of your PTA members and your board meeting minutes should not be seen by anyone but the board members.  Once you send them out into cyberspace you cannot control where they go.  The only thing you should ever do is summarize the results of the meeting, if you wish. 

    Can our Secretary opt to tape record the meetings instead of writing everything down?  Definitely no.  Legally, would require that you have a written release statement from every single person at the meeting giving their permission to record their voice - and you would have to do this for every single meeting.  Besides, people will be less likely to speak freely about concerns if recorded because they may fear backlash from being recorded.

    Is it okay to have scanned copies of authorized payments to be kept on file on a flash drive rather than hard copies?  No - your original financial paperwork is your protection in case you are questioned by anyone.  Scanned copies cannot be verified as original, since it is so easy to alter them.  Original paperwork with original signatures is your safest bet.

    If we are having difficulties with our meetings or some other issue, can LBCPTA help us?  Absolutely yes - this is what we are here for, to support and mentor the unit PTAs.  You will want to first contact your designated Area Advisor (or email us at if you don't know how to reach your Advisor).  Your Advisor may be able to help you via phone call or email.  If you need further support, we will be happy to send the appropriate folks out to help with your issue.  We just ask that you give us enough notice to make arrangements to come and meet with you.

    Can our Recording Secretary be one of our three designated check signers?  No.  You cannot have your Secretary be a check signer because they are supposed to be a checks and balances impartial party to the check writing.  They should be double checking the minutes to assure that proper budget and fund release procedures have been followed before a check is authorized.  Therefore the person in charge of the minutes also being a check signer is a conflict of interest and negates the checks and balances system you want in place.  The check signers need to be three elected PTA officers, such as President, Treasurer and Vice President - as long as no two of the three signers are related by blood, marriage or reside in the same household.  Every check should be signed by two authorized signers and pre-approved by the PTA President and Recording Secretary on the Payment Request form.

    What if I want to change my meeting dates from a different night than last year?  Your meeting dates and times are something that is written into your bylaws, so you cannot just change them without voted approval from your association and without changing your bylaws.  You can gain temporary permission to change the meetings by having your association vote and approve with a 2/3 vote at a meeting.  Once you have temporary permission, you must then work on changing it in your bylaws officially.